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Black Jade Music

...more than 23 years of Tolkien Metal

On this page you have an overview of our releases.

Horizons (2021)
Digital / CD

1. Into a New Future!
2. Shape of Death
3. Cuiviénen
4. Horizons
5. Higher, than the Clouds
6. A Diabolical Night
7. Aldea 
8. Orc-hunter 
9. Dragon Riders 
10. Queen of the Golden Leaves 
11. Elentári
12. Osgiliath 
13.  Just a Hero

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with lyrics

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The digital and CD version of "Horizons" was released on December 14th, 2021.


Naragarth - All instruments and vocals
Rudy – guitar solos
Leila Wähner - vocals on growls
Vanessa Parsch - vocals
Sarah Springel - vocals

Horizons (2021)


Side A:
1. Into a new future! (feat. Leila Wähner)
2. Queen of the golden leaves (feat. Leila Wähner)
3. Cuiviénen (feat. Leila Wähner)
4. Higher, than the clouds (feat. Leila Wähner)
5. Just a hero (feat. Sarah Springel)

Side B:
1. Horizons
2. Orc-hunter
3. A diabolical night
4. Shape of death
5. The devil never sleeps (feat. Sarah Springel) (LP-Bonus)

Eä (2016)
Digital / CD

1. Eä
2. Von Trugbildern und Illusionen
3. Ist die Zeit gekommen
4. Licht und Schatten
5. Calacirya
6. Thargelion
7. Schattentanz
8. Asche und Staub
9. Abendstern
10. Rohirrim
11. Schatten der Gedanken
12. Wie tausend Sterne

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Wolfsblut EP (2015)

1. Eagle's flight

2. Wolfsblut

3. Ein fernes Land

4. Walküren

This CD was a gift and there is only one copy of it in the world.

The Downfall Session EP (2015)
Digital / CD

1. Downfall Session
2. Vorwärts
3. Schicksal
4. Sturm
5. Entflammt
6. Verrat

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with lyrics

Original cover artwork

Cover artwork on all digital platforms


Auf vergessenen Pfaden (2015)
Split CD with Carn Dûm

1. Namárië!   
2. Dol Amroth  
3. Rise and Fall of Khazad-dûm    
4. Dorthonion 
5. Undulávë Lumbulë!     
6. Path to Edhellond  
7. Warden of Tol Sirion    
8. Belegost  

Warden of Tol Sirion (2014)

1. Namárië!
2. Dol Amroth
3. Rise and Fall of Khazad-dûm
4. Dorthonion
5. Undulávë Lumbulë!
6. Path to Edhellond
7. Warden of Tol Sirion
8. Belegost   


All these songs can be found on the split CD

with Carn Dûm 


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Guardians of the Rings  (2014)
Split CD
with Uruk-Hai, Ringbearer
and Onyx

1. Awake!
2. Warrior Princess
3. Ar-Pharazôn
4. Spirit of the Water Lord

Original cover artwork

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The Prophecy Of The North  (2013)
CD / Digital

1. The White Town 
2. The Dark Premonition
3. Seven Gates, Seven Walls
4. The Fall of Gondolin 
5. The Last Noldorian Splendor
6. Maedhros's Pain  
7. Land of the Deadly Shadows
8. Kingdom of Gold 

1. Arien
2. Valinor's Light
3. We Booze in Golden Halls
4. Eärendil
5. Where the Leaves Not Fall 
6. A Homeless Shadow
7. Where Eagles Fly     
8. Maedhros’s Pain*
9. Outro: Far Away from Home

*Bonus song on the CD, which you can also find on "The Prophecy Of The North" CD. This song is missing on the digital version.

Download the original artwork

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Original cover artwork

Cover artwork on all digital platforms


...und alle Pfade sind versunken tief im Schatten (2011)
CD / Digital

1. Intro: Lúthien
2. Feanors Fluch Teil I (Escape from Valinor)
3. ...und wenn der Frühling kommt! (The Song of Nimrodel)
4. Das westliche Königreich (The White Shore of Valinor)
5. Hirten der alten Welt (An Old Forest Tale)
6. Feanors Fluch Teil II (The Arrival)
7. Intro: Flight of the Nazgûl
8. Amon Dîn und die Streitmacht der Weissen Berge (The Last Array of the Free People)
9. Die Nacht der endlosen Schatten (The Return of Gothmog)
10. Das letzte Gefecht von Minas Anor (The Last Resistance)
11. Das unaussprechliche Leid von Ephel Dûath (The Blood of Our Forefathers)
12. Die zeitlosen Leeren (The Endless Shallows of Arda)
13. Outro: A New Sunrise over Beleriand

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Helvetica Diabolica (2007)
CD / Digital

1. Anno 1811
2. Schneefall
3. Hail Domina Helvezia 
4. Auf alten Pfaden
5. Wiedergeburt der Sonne  
6. Winterwald
7. Andacht
8. Des Teufels Brücke
9.  Du kämpfst, du siegst
10. Anno 1961

...of Forest and Fire... (2005)
CD / Digi-Pack / Digital

1. Into the Forest   
2. Ar-Pharazôn, 25. "Unlawful" King of the Lands in the West
3. The Fire of Amon Anwar
4. The Dark Legacy of Menegroth 
5. ...of Forest and Fire...
6. ...and Night Comes over Neldoreth  
7. As Nargothrond Burn in the Dragons Fire  
8. At the Drop Shadow of the Black Iron Mountains   
9. Out of the Fire 

10. Queen beyond the western seas *
11.In nîn I turmagwenn *
12.Enyare tar i tyel *
13.…of forest and fire… (Live at "ring of fire" 2005) *
14.Dense fog over widths dead swamps *

* These songs are only available on the Extended Edition.

Cover artwork Extended Edition

Cover artwork EE-Records

Cover artwork on all digital platforms


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Forest of Edoras (2003)
CD / Digital

1. Into the Black Gate 
2. Black Synphony
3. Make You're Confession 
4. Tempus Excpectare
5. Forest of Edoras    
6. War of Terrok-Nor 
7. Tale of the One Ring 
8. Minas Ithil

Holocaust 666 (Demo 2001)

1. Gurthang
2. Bloodmoon
3. Holocaust 666  
4. Memories of War
5. Eternal Hellfire
6. Godless

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