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Black Jade Music

...more than 23 years of Tolkien Metal

On this page you have an overview of our releases and you can download all our songs and CDs.

Horizons (2021)


The digital version of "Horizons" was released on December 14th, 2021.


Naragarth - All instruments and vocals
Rudy – guitar solos
Leila Wähner - vocals on growls
Vanessa Parsch - vocals
Sarah Springel - vocals


Horizons Splatter LPs

The LP version only has 10 songs. But there is an exclusive bonus song on the vinyl edition and a great both sides printed inlay.


Side A:
1. Into a new future! (feat. Leila Wähner)
2. Queen of the golden leaves (feat. Leila Wähner)
3. Cuiviénen (feat. Leila Wähner)
4. Higher, than the clouds (feat. Leila Wähner)
5. Just a hero (feat. Sarah Springel)

Side B:
1. Horizons
2. Orc-hunter
3. A diabolical night
4. Shape of death
5. The devil never sleeps (feat. Sarah Springel) (LP-Bonus)


Schlager ist Krieg (2020)

Schlager ist Krieg

Eä (2016)

Eä Download

The Downfall Session EP (2015)

Downfall Session

Warden of Tol Sirion (2014)

Warden of tol Sirion

Guardians of the Rings  (2014)


Split CD mit Uruk-Hai, Ringbearer und Onyx

The Prophecy Of The North  (2013)


...und alle Pfade sind versunken tief im Schatten (2011)


Helvetica Diabolica (2007)


...of Forest and Fire... (2005)

of forest and fire

Forest of Edoras (2003)


Holocaust 666 (2001)

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