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 The birth:

Black Jade was formed by Naragarth and Nergal in the summer of 1999. For hours we sat more or less productively in the band room and play music. That's how the first songs came about. During this time Dagazz, Warbringer and Kaozz joined the band.

The First Age:

In the fall of 2001, "Holocaust 666" was recorded. Our drummer G.o.P. came to us shortly before the recordings. Kaozz left the band after the recordings. After the release we played concerts and worked on new material at the same time. In early 2003, "Forest of Edoras" was released. After the release we played a lot of concerts again. After that, the band split up. The reason for this was mainly musical and content differences.

 The Second Age:

In 2005, Naragarth released the album "...of forest and fire..." For the first time there were guest musicians, Gorgar on keyboards and Betty on vocals joined the line-up. In 2007 the CD "Helvetica Diabolica" was released. On this album, Naragarth played everything himself, there are no guest musicians. After a long break, "...und alle Pfade sind versunken tief im Schatten"was released in 2011. A whole armada of guest musicians was drawn in. Well-known musicians from 2005 are also back! For the first time there is not only black and pagan metal, but also quieter music.

The Third Age:

In 2013 we worked on two new releases. "The Prophecy Of The North" and the split CD with Uruk Hai "The Sadness Of Fallen Leaves"."The Prophecy Of The North" is still one of the most popular releases of the Black Jade era. In 2014 we got the chance to be part of the "Guardians of the Rings" split CD with Uruk-Hai, Ringbearer and Onyx. Mark played the bagpipes for the first time! After the songs were finished, we immediately started writing the songs for the Carn Dûm split CD. The songs are now known as "Warden of Tol Sirion". This album is a masterpiece of tolkien metal! In 2015 we released "The Downfall Session EP". A heavy and brutal album originally planned as a split. We released the EP "Wolfsblut" in 2015. This CD was a gift and there is only one copy of it. Whether the songs will be released at a later date is unclear.
With "Eä" we released a very creative album in 2016. A colorful mixture of genres provide a lot of variety. Adriano made a great contribution as a guest musician and for the first time Rudy is there who played great guitar solos for us.

The Fourth Age

We recorded the songs for the album "Schlager ist Krieg" for several years and finally released them as a download in 2020. This album is a pure fun album and has nothing to do with our actual musical work. Who knows if there will ever be a second part.

During the pandemic, from 2019-2021, we recorded "Horizons". An album that shows more than ever the spirit behind Black Jade. The album can hardly be named stylistically, that's why we still think that Tolkien Metal fits best. We have a number of guest singers on this album, which makes the album very varied and also surprising.


The list of all guests and friends who have made music with Black Jade

Andy alias Naragarth - All instruments and vocals

Dagazz - Guitar und Backing Vocals until 2004
Warbringer - Bass until 2003
G.o.P - Drums until 2003
Kaozz - Drums until 2001

  Adriano - Guitar and Vocals
Andreas Langer - Guitar solos
Bea - Flute
Betty - Vocals (female)
Géraldine - Keyboards
Gorgar - Keyboards
Gweth - Guest Drums
Leila Wähner – Vocals and Growls

Mark - Bagpipes and Clean-Backing Vocals
Marlon Ruch - Growls
Münggu - Bagpipes
Rudy - Guitar solos
Sam - Piano
Sarah Springel – Vocals
Vanessa Parsch – Vocals

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