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 The birth:

Black Jade was forged by the collaboration of Naragarth and Nergal in the summer of 1999. For hours on end, we sat in the band room, channeling our creativity into music, and thus, our earliest songs were born. During this period, Dagazz, Warbringer, and Kaozz

joined our ranks.

The First Age:
In the autumn of 2001, we recorded "Holocaust 666". Our drummer G.o.P. joined us shortly before the recording sessions. Following the recordings, Kaozz departed from the band. We embarked on a series of concerts and simultaneously crafted new material. In early 2003, "Forest of Edoras" was released. Subsequently, we performed numerous concerts. However, the band eventually disbanded due to significant musical and creative disparities.

 The Second Age:

In 2005, Naragarth unveiled the album "...of forest and fire...". This marked the introduction of guest musicians into the fold, with Gorgar on keyboards and Betty lending her vocals to the lineup. Two years later, in 2007, the CD "Helvetica Diabolica" hit the shelves. Notably, Naragarth handled all instrumentation on this album, with no additional guest musicians featured. Following a prolonged hiatus, "...und alle Pfade sind versunken tief im Schatten" emerged in 2011. This release boasted an extensive array of guest musicians, including the return of familiar faces from 2005. Notably, this album marked a departure from the band's traditional black and pagan metal sound, incorporating elements of quieter, more introspective

music for the first time.

The Third Age:
In 2013, we embarked on the creation of two new releases: "The Prophecy Of The North" and a split CD with Uruk Hai titled "The Sadness Of Fallen Leaves". "The Prophecy Of The North" remains one of the standout releases of the Black Jade era, garnering significant popularity. The following year, in 2014, we had the privilege to contribute to the "Guardians of the Rings" split CD alongside Uruk-Hai, Ringbearer, and Onyx. This endeavor marked a significant milestone as Mark showcased his skills on the bagpipes for the first time. Upon completion of these tracks, we immediately delved into crafting songs for the Carn Dûm split CD, now recognized as "Warden of Tol Sirion" – a true masterpiece of Tolkien metal.

In 2015, we unleashed "The Downfall Session EP", a heavy and brutal album initially intended as a split release. Additionally, we presented the EP "Wolfsblut" as a limited edition gift, with only one copy in existence. The possibility of releasing its songs at a later date remains uncertain.

With "Eä", our 2016 release, we ventured into a realm of creativity, offering a vibrant fusion of genres that promises a diverse listening experience. Adriano's contribution as a guest musician was invaluable, and we were joined by Rudy, whose exceptional guitar solos added an exciting new dimension to our sound.

The Fourth Age
We dedicated several years to recording the songs for the album "Schlager ist Krieg", finally releasing it as a download in 2020. This album stands apart as a pure indulgence in fun, bearing no resemblance to our typical musical endeavors. Whether a second part will ever materialize remains uncertain.

Amidst the pandemic, spanning from 2019 to 2021, we undertook the creation of "Horizons". This album, more than any before, embodies the essence of Black Jade. Its stylistic diversity defies easy categorization, yet we find "Tolkien Metal" still best captures its essence. The inclusion of numerous guest singers adds a remarkable variety and element of surprise to the album, making it an engaging and dynamic listening experience.

The Fifth Age

Welcome, travelers, to the dawn of a new era, the year 2024, where a fresh chapter unfolds in the annals of Middle-earth's rich tapestry.

Behold, upon a sacred parchment, the ink spills forth, etching tales of monumental odysseys and the harrowing trials amidst the shadows of Morgoth's dark domain. With each stroke of the quill, narratives of valor and despair take shape, beckoning souls to embark upon a voyage through realms both known and unknown.

So stand poised, noble hearts, for the turning of the page beckons. Let us, as one fellowship, traverse the boundless expanse of imagination and together inscribe our legends upon the pages of history...


The roster of esteemed guests and cherished companions who've woven their melodies alongside Black Jade.

Andy alias Naragarth - All instruments and vocals

Sarah Springel – Vocals

Current guest members

Leila Wähner – Vocals and Growls

Mark - Bagpipes and Clean-Backing Vocals
Rudy - Guitar solos


Former guest members

Dagazz - Guitar und Backing Vocals until 2004
Warbringer - Bass until 2003
G.o.P - Drums until 2003
Kaozz - Drums until 2001

  Adriano - Guitar until 2016
Andreas Langer - Guitar solos until 2011
Bea - Flute until 2013
Betty - Vocals (female) until 2013
Géraldine - Keyboards until 2013
Gorgar - Keyboards until 2011
Gweth - Guest Drums until 2013

Marlon Ruch - Growls 2011

Münggu - Bagpipes 2013

Sam - Piano 2013

Vanessa Parsch - Vocals 2021

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